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Home inspections are priced based on the total square footage of the home and attached structures.

Detached structures may incur additional fees if they are to be included. 

A 3.5% processing fee will be applied to all credit card transactions.

We also accept cash, check, or money order at the time of inspection.


Home Inspection 0-2000 total square feet                                                              $349

Home Inspection 2001-2500 total square feet                                                        $399

Home Inspection 2501-3000 total square feet                                                        $449

Home Inspection 3001-3500 total square feet                                                        $499

Home Inspection 3501-4000 total square feet                                                        $549

Home Inspection 4001-5000 total square feet                                                        $599

Home Inspection 5001-6000 total square feet                                                        $699

Home Inspection ≥ 6000 total square feet                                             Call for pricing
Raised Foundation / Crawl Space 0-2000 square feet                                            $100

Raised Foundation / Crawl Space > 2000 square feet                                            $150

Additional HVAC                                                                                                          $75

Home ≥ 50 years old                                                                                                   $50

Home ≥ 100 years old                                                                                               $100

Re-Inspection                                                                                                            $199



Video Sewer Line Inspection                                                                                   $229

Video Sewer Line Inspection without Home Inspection                                       $279

Wood Destroying Insect Report                                                                               $150

Whole Home Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection                                Starts at $299

Pool Inspection                                                                                                         $199

Weekly Pool Service                                                                                    Starts at $35

Pool Repairs                                                                                             Call for pricing

Mold Surface Sample                                                                                                 $99

Mold Air Sample                                                                                                       $199

Asbestos Sample                                                                                                      $249

Sewer scope is to be performed through an accessible clean-out. 

An additional fee may apply and written homeowner permission will be required if

the inspection is to be performed through a toilet drain.

Chemical prices are not included in pool service fee.

$99 fee applies to additional mold air samples that may be needed.


As a small business providing services to multiple parishes throughout Louisiana, fuel is our largest expense and its price affects our costs of operation directly and indirectly. After much consideration, due to the recent fluctuations and increase in fuel costs, we will be adding a temporary fuel surcharge to our fee structure. This temporary change will allow us to continue to provide our customers with the best quality service without reducing our service area throughout southeast Louisiana. The Fuel Surcharge will appear as a separate line item on your invoice. We thank you for understanding and truly appreciate your business!

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